3 Home Remedies To Battle Rough and Dry Skin

Dry skin is a known skin disorder that affects many women. Dry skin can result from different factors such as environmental pollution, poor diet, lack of skin care, exposure to sunlight, aging skin and many others.

Dry skin makes the complexion look uneven and rough. Women with dry skin often protest that their face lacks brightness and glow. Severe dry skin can lead to serious skin disorders such as spots, itchiness, eczema, etc. It can also make your face seem flaky. Good thing, there several home remedies to battle against the rough and dry skin. Here are the following:

Home Remedies For Cleansing Dry Skin

Dry skin needs good protective care to renew lost essential oils and moisture. Cleansing is a significant step of a skincare routine. However, you have to cleanse your face delicately so that the skin does not get to be drier. Stop using boiling water for bathing and cleansing as hot water can strip the skin of essential oils. Avoid using facial cleansers with harsh chemicals if you have dry skin. Use a mild soap with soothing and moisturizing natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera or milk cream extract.

Healthy Lifestyle and Diet

Dry skin requires nourishments from within for it to mend and look healthy. Since dry skin lacks moisture, you should make sure that you keep yourself well-hydrated. Drinking at least 10-12 glassesful of water every day will guarantee that your skin looks supple and keeps its elasticity. This tip will probably ensure that your skin looks radiant and healthy. To switch dry skin, you also need to take a diet rich in healthy fats like omega three fatty acids. These essential fats will make your skin look shiny and blooming.

Nuts such as almonds and walnuts are the best source of omega three fatty acids. Fatty fish such as mackerel and salmon also give you with essential fatty acids which are significantly beneficial for dry skin.

Salads are also rich in anti-oxidant properties making your skin healthier. Eating raw veggies in salads is an effective approach to fighting against dry skin. It contains higher water content which can assist the skin hydrated from the inside.

Effective Face Masks To Treat Dry Skin

Face masks made from natural ingredients can help battle against the dry skin if applied regularly. The best example of nature’s gift to treat dry skin is Honey. Honey has high moisturizing properties that can heal dry skin. It also has anti-inflammatory qualities that can soothe skin itchiness and irritation.

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