5 Best Foods for Better Brain Concentration

Just like trends in fashion, the trends in food and diet are also buzzing everywhere. People are just crazy about anything that has to do with food and healthy diet. Food for the brain is just one of them – food that can sharpen your memory, your focus, attention span and your brain’s function as a whole.

There is no debate that as we age, our body and brain ages along. But the good news is that we have all the resources we need to help us maintain a healthy body and healthy brain.

Here are the top five foods for your brain to help you get back to focus:

Whole grains and avocados

This food can actually reduce the risk of heart disease and lowers bad cholesterol level. Our entire body organ depends on the blood flow, most of all our brain and heart. These foods reduce the risk of building up plaque and enhancing the blood flow while offering a savoury way to boost up those brain cells.

Super-nutritious Blueberries

Research shows that blueberries help protect our brain from damage that is caused by the free radicals. It may also reduce the effects of some age-related conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s.


Fish is rich in protein and protein is a great brain booster. This is because fish is rich in fatty acids and omega-3 that are essential for brain health. These healthy fats are known for its amazing brain enhancing power that could lower dementia, slow mental decline and stroke risks.

Go for chocolate and nuts

Nuts and other seeds are known for being a good source of Vitamin which in some studies have been known to lessen cognitive decline as we age. While dark chocolates have great antioxidant properties and contain a natural type of stimulants just like caffeine which is known to improve brain focus.

Caffeine it is!

Caffeine is known to energize and help us concentrate which is commonly found in chocolate, energy drinks, some medications and as we all know from coffee. Though the effect is just short term but undoubtedly you get to be alert when you take some caffeine. However, it should not be taken excessively as it may cause you to feel uneasy and to jitter.

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