5 Common Ways to Use a Boppy Pillow

What makes Boppy pillows great is that it has a lot of uses and will get plenty of use and is worth the every penny (though they are affordable, to start with!) This is the reason why Boppy pillows are not just a must-have but are something that one could not live without. And what we have listed below are just a few of its uses to mention.


Nursing is the Boppy pillow’s primary function, and it is excellent for this use. It wraps snugly around mommy’s waist and places baby at just the appropriate level for tummy to tummy contact that helps obtain a good latch. 

Bottle feeding

Boppy pillows are excellent for bottle feeding for several reasons. The main reason is that if you need to feed single-handedly for any reason (holding the baby is invariably the best means to feed, though), the Boppy pillow gives the ideal support for the baby, so the feeder only had to keep the bottle.

Propped playing

Little as they are, babies are curious about everything around them but do not have the gross motor coordination yet to grasp at hanging toys or elevate their heads from a plane laying position. Placing the baby on the Boppy pillow under a toy gym/bar will help them get nearer to the toys yet assists their motor skills by settling them in a relaxed position. 

Back Laying

Boppy pillow is the ideal way to make a cute little “nest” for your little one. Place their shoulders and head on the Boppy pillow and their little tush inside the hole. Your little one should feel comfortable as a bug. 

Baby Cuddles

Newborns love cuddling close and while keeping them close is an enjoyable thing, it can get difficult trying to manage baby’s weight for long times.  Using a Boppy pillow to help baby’s butt can help so much to keep both baby and baby cuddler cozy and comfy.

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