6 Helpful Tips for a Sensitive Skin

Does your skin react whenever you scrub it too hard or even just trying a new skin product? If it does, you might have sensitive skin. Figure out how to treat your sensitive skin and how to keep it away from regular irritants. Here are the six helpful tips for sensitive skin to have a healthy glowing skin:

1. Test First, Apply Second

When using a new product for your skin, always remember to do a test run first on a section of your skin. Wait at least one day for signs of redness, irritations, and other skin freak-outs. This tip is the first thing you must do in deciding to use a new skin product to your sensitive skin to know if the particular product matches with you.

2. Never Buy Hypoallergenic Hype Products

For a person who has sensitive skin, never think of buying cosmetics especially with hypoallergenic hype. This kind of product is not always suitable for sensitive skin. Be wise and refer to tip number 1 before anything else.

3. Moisturize with care

Sensitive skin is even more exposed to the elements and will gain benefits from an appropriate healthy skin care schedule. Moisturize your skin in both morning and night to shield skin from water loss and to keep a healthy barrier from the day by day invasion of environmental factors, including wind and pollution.

4. Always Read Labels

Make reading a habit. Arm yourself by reading labels. Search for products that are free from paraben preservatives, fragrances, two known causes of flare-ups and irritation and the shorter the ingredients list, the better.

The American Academy of Dermatology suggests using products with less than ten ingredients for sensitive skin. According to them, the more complicated a formula of a product has, the more likely you are to introduce an irritant.

5. Wash wisely

Keep surface debris scarce and pores clear by washing your face and body twice a day. Select a cleanser that is formulated for sensitive skin but it is not necessary to scrub it too hard to remove residual grime or makeup. Be gentle to your skin and apply the moisturizer right away for maximum absorption.

6. Use SPF

Delicate skin is sensitive to the sun. Apply sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher to help your skin protect sensitive tissue from aggravating rays. Search for sunscreens with natural active ingredients such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide which are less to cause a reaction than chemical sunscreens, such as octanoate, oxybenzone, and octocrylene.

Having a sensitive skin must not just be taken for granted. Before everything gets worse, follow these simple yet helpful tips to conquer skin sensitivity.

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