7 Tips to Change Your Perceptions on Aging and Beauty

How to actually enjoy your age? Undeniably, the time when you look in the mirror and notice a crop of wrinkles staring back at you can be very destructing for your self-esteem. Even though, those lines of time should signal a life of gained wisdom and joyful moments, women cannot help but see them as loss of beauty and value.

Regardless of hundreds of anti-aging products and thousands of money you have spent on them, there is no magic solution or fountain of youth to stop the effects of aging. However, psychologist and psychotherapist experts worked hard and studied long on how to enjoy age upon changing its appearance. Below are the 7 tips to change your thoughts on age and beauty:

1. Beauty is beyond physical. Aside from a physical experience, beauty is also a psychological one. People think that beauty is all about how they physically look. However, research says that the perception of what is unattractive and deemed attractive is much more complicated. What makes people feel good-looking goes well further than people physical self. It runs deep, much deeper beyond eyes can see.

2. Change your experience of age. Yes, people cannot stop the physical changes of aging but people can change their experiences of aging. There are a lot of forms to look better as you age such as taking care of your skin and bodies that put something temporarily on hold, at least on the skin surface. If you take care of yourself, it will make you feel better and you smile more. When you smile, you will look more attractive. The sooner you go through an inner process, the better you will feel good inside and out.

3. Your self-image is dynamic. While aging is irreversible and inevitable, self-image is not. Self-image can be timeless and fluid. Self-image is an internal experience not an actual still picture of oneself. How people see their selves from within, over time throughout their lives is malleable and flexible.

4. Beauty is in you. If you are aware of yourself, you can take control over how you see yourself, rather than give it over to the other people to know if you are attractive or not.

5. Chronological age does not have to label you. Through chronological age, you can actually define yourself. A specific age has a little to do with how old you feel. You can define how you want to be at 30, 40, at 50 and onward. Don’t let magazine images define what is beautiful. Some women in their 20’s feel old while other women in their 60’s feel young. It is really up to you to label the age you feel.

6. Don’t fear your age. Become less frightened of aging and you will become more youthful. When you see your face scared, you would hardly call it attractive. Women need to accept the fact that aging happens in every individuals.

7. Balance the significance of beauty and enjoy your age. Beauty matters particularly to all women, but to those who age beautifully, it matters neither too much nor too little. Appearance is the core aspect of people’s identities that makes looks matter. Women who permits beauty to matter, but keep it in balance will all the other aspects of lives can enjoy their physical look at any age.

Dealing with your looks as they certainly change is a physical challenge as well as a psychological process. Know how you think about physical changes and beauty changes will come much more joy. When it comes to your aging process, body and face, be wise, be thoughtful and you will inherently and naturally be more youthful and beautiful.

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