Baby Toys for Your Baby’s Crib

A typical question is what type of toys, if any; you should own in the crib for your baby. In this article, you will learn about some of the advantages and disadvantages of having baby toys in your baby’s crib when it comes to your baby’s sleep.

For the New-borns
To keep the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) risks down, you should avoid placing any soft things in your baby’s crib, and that involves blankets, pillows, soft plush toys, etc. Make sure that you know all the needed information to overcome SIDS risks.

A mobile is a better toy to put over the baby’s crib and away from the face. A mobile gives visual stimulation and increases brain development. Keep in your mind that other mobiles are intended to stimulate baby and others are intended to comfort baby to sleep. Be sure you use it at proper times. If your baby becomes too excited by the mobile, he may take a longer time to sleep or have difficulty in settling down.

For Babies 8 to 12 Months
As your baby grows older, you might begin to feel more comfortable putting more toys to their crib. You might think of introducing a baby’s lovey for extra comfort and adding a crib toy he can play with such as this Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother. The excellent thing about a toy like this is that its music is soothing for sleep. It provides your baby with something to play with if he is not yet ready to sleep, instead of crying, once your baby is old enough, he can turn it on himself in the midnight.

For Toddlers
There is one disadvantage to the crib toy told above when a baby becomes a toddler though depending on your baby’s perceptiveness. If your child does too much to play with it, it can get in the process of your baby in going to sleep.

The bottom line with this baby toys in the crib topic is to get a good balance that is not over stimulating and still keeps the baby happy while falling asleep or when waking up in the morning and or from a little nap.

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