Benefits Every Child Can Get from Night Lights

Sleep is equally as essential to your body as food. When it comes to having a first child nothing could help you prepare for the deprivation of sleep due to nighttime nursing and feeds. As your baby grows into a toddler, they will no longer wake up at night due to needed night-time feeds, but due to wanted comfort as they get scared of the dark!

However, with the help of a night light, your child will be sleeping through the night, plus the whole household will be enjoying the benefits of your child’s full night’s sleep.

Numerous sleep aids can help your child to sleep soundly, and a nightlight is the most common because it supports a continued tranquillity for the child during the night, producing longer sleep intervals.

In addition to the high probability of continued sleep intervals, here are three more other reasons nightlights can be beneficial to you and your child.

Doctors recommend that night lights can increase a baby’s brain development. Now, the American Optometric Association suggests that parents should leave a night light on in their child’s room to further promote visual development, especially from birth up to four months of age.

It’s essential for toddlers who start to have nightmares.

Usually within the ages of 2-4 some kids to grow a fear of the dark. Having a nightlight inside their room has been determined to help them feel safer, eventually making it simpler for them to sleep and to stay asleep for longer hours.

Parents and little toddlers can wander through a dark room more securely while having a light which can assist you when it gets to monitoring on your little one. It is also necessary for those early days when you require a small amount of light to view what you are doing through night time feeds. Plus, once your baby is toilet-trained, a night light will assist them to find their access to the toilet.

Aside from the vision development, night lights are useful for keeping light little through night-time diaper changes and feeding. It is an excellent idea to give a little bit more and get a light that doesn’t need battery replacements and is made with quality materials. If you own a good night light, it may then last forever. We recommend the OK to Wake! Alarm Clock and Night-Light made by Patch Products LLC in producing beautiful night lights that are particular to your style and are made to last.

Bedside night-light, this is also an alarm clock that glows green when it is OK for your baby to get out of bed. Highlights an alarm clock with a snooze, interchangeable faceplates, convenient nap timer,  and entertaining animations that make it even great!

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