Calisthenics Checklists

Regardless of its simplicity, calisthenics can offer a multi-faceted, highly targeted workout option you can use as part of a gym visit, on the road, and even at home.

Doing workout with calisthenics will help you reach your goals better if you plan when, where and how you will perform them. Whether you want to build muscles or shed pounds, improve your health, calisthenics is an effective choice. Follow these calisthenics checklists to make you right from the start:

Set Up Your Goals

When making a checklist for exercising calisthenics, begin with your goals. Calisthenics can help you increase muscular endurance, build muscle and create cardio workouts depending on how much muscular effort you use and how fast you perform them. Use calisthenics twice per week to help build muscle between cardio workouts. In times when you cannot make it to the gym, having a calisthenics cardio routine set up will help you get started immediately and keep your heart rate elevated. If you do sports, make circuit-training workouts with calisthenics to put up muscular endurance. If you are on the road or you don’t have any access to weights, having calisthenics muscle-building workouts prepared in advance will make it less likely you will miss out a workout.

Reps and Sets

Make 3 workouts based on the types and number of reps you execute. For muscle building workouts, make a routine consisting of 5 repetitions of an exercise performed gradually, and 5 sets of every exercise performed repeatedly. Use muscular effort to raise and lower yourself every time with a pause of at least 2 seconds between every rep. Depending on your strength, you can add more reps per set, working to failure each time.

For muscular endurance workouts, execute just about 10 to 12 reps of every exercise using almost 75% of your utmost intensity. alter exercises every set, performing 2 or 3 sets each exercise during your workout. Continue exercising at this pace for 30 minutes.

For cardio workouts, do one exercise for 1 to 2 minutes, moving from exercise to exercise throughout the way of a 30-minute workout. Complete your reps promptly and with a fewer muscular effort to avoid muscle exhaustion.


Make a list of variations of exercise to expand your workout choices. For instance, in adding up to crunches, add bicycle kicks and reverse crunches to your routine. Add pull-ups and chin-ups to your workouts to build your inner muscles. Do pushups with and without handclaps among reps, and attach them to burpees. Add incline and decline pushups to your workouts. Do burpees with and without pushups and with a finishing squat jump at the end of every rep.


If you are new to using calisthenics, know the right technique for every exercise to help get reduce the risk of injuries and get the extreme benefits. Test with different hand placements during pullups, chin ups, dips, and pushups to see which muscles you put emphases on.


If you consider jumping rope, dips, chin ups, pull ups and other easy exercises that use several types of equipments as calisthenics, make a list of the equipment you need for these types of exercises. This will provide you a quick reference if you are taking a trip and want to take some exercise equipment with you.

Indeed, these calisthenics checklist can help you get right from the start. Through this, you will always be on the right track in performing calisthenics workouts.

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