Calisthenics: The Benefits of Weight-Free Exercise

Calisthenics is the term given to monotonous exercise that uses the resistance of an individual’s body to burn fat, build strength and increase flexibility. No weights or equipment are used in calisthenics, and the exercise can be performed at any place where there is a floor and enough space to move around. The benefits of calisthenics are wide-reaching. Here the following calisthenic benefits of weight-free exercise:

Increased Muscle and Tone

Calisthenics are one of the ways to increase strength and build muscle without the use of weights. However, it may not be the choice for the hard-core body builders. Muscles are based on the standard of progressive resistance. You can only progress your resistance depending on your body weight. In any case, calisthenics can build and maintain a reasonable amount of muscle mass, particularly for an apprentice searching for moderate muscle development. An additional benefit is that calisthenic performs this development without the trauma and tearing that weight can inflict.


Your body will become more flexible when you get stronger. In fact, you cannot turn out to be more flexible without building muscle strength. A solid and strong muscle don’t need to strain to contract as weak one must perform. This in return allows muscles to flex and extend with more ease. Calisthenics is an ideal approach to increase flexibility by muscle tone.

Weight Loss

Calisthenics handle the issue of burning excess fat from two directions. First, the strength training builds tone and muscle mass all over your body. Expand muscle mass raises your resting metabolic rate, permitting you to burn more calories every moment of every day constantly. Second, consistent calisthenics causes your heart rate to rise. It includes aerobic exercise, one of the utmost effective ways probable to burn off calories and fat.


A standout amongst the most valuable impacts of calisthenics is increased endurance. High-intensity training calisthenics obliges you to do as many repetitions of an exercise as possible, without rest, until exhausted and tired. Each day that you re-perform these exercises, having permitted to heal overnight, your endurance will be increased. You will have the capacity to perform more repetitions before tiredness is reached. When you performed evenly within all muscle groups, the outcome is increased endurance all throughout the parts of the body, including the cardiovascular system.

Calisthenics can enhance various aspects of your physicality. It is an excellent exercise for health and over-all fitness. No matter what your physical objectives, calisthenics are worth thought while accomplishing them.

There is no doubt that lately calisthenics has turned into a buzz in the fitness world. However, this kind of physical activity has been dependably been around. Simply consider about the dozens of other aerobic exercises, pull ups, push up and burpees everybody does besides weight training. Calisthenics exercises have always been an important part of bodybuilding and other sports.

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