Fitness Trends to Welcome this Autumn

It is given that our workout routine during summer may not be appropriate in autumn anymore. Fortunately, there are new approaches to help you recreate your motivation even on autumn. The New You-ga! Yoga is indeed a great fitness trend this year. Away from the common yoga routines, a London-based fitness club, GymBox is advancing […]

Calisthenics: The Benefits of Weight-Free Exercise

Calisthenics is the term given to monotonous exercise that uses the resistance of an individual’s body to burn fat, build strength and increase flexibility. No weights or equipment are used in calisthenics, and the exercise can be performed at any place where there is a floor and enough space to move around. The benefits of […]

7 Secrets to Muscle Building That You Need To Know

Are you feeling tired all day? Do you struggle to do things that others find easy to accomplish? Are you having a difficult time losing your belly bulge? Well, the answer to these problems is to add weight training to your exercise regimen. Muscle building is not an easy leap, however, know that there are […]

Calisthenics Checklists

Regardless of its simplicity, calisthenics can offer a multi-faceted, highly targeted workout option you can use as part of a gym visit, on the road, and even at home. Doing workout with calisthenics will help you reach your goals better if you plan when, where and how you will perform them. Whether you want to […]