Enjoy Your Age

Enjoyable Activities as You Age

People are getting older, and most of them are spending more time alone at home. Isolation may result in depression and it is bad for our health. There are a lot of enjoyable activities as you age. A well spent -time here on earth is the key to living longer and healthier.  Below is a list of […]

Is Biking a Good Form of Exercise?

Biking is also called cycling or bicycling. In physical exercise, cycling is used by people who seek to improve their fitness and cardiovascular health. Biking involves every single part of the body. It is an excellent form of exercise since it helps build stamina and improves your memory and brain power. Biking burns calories, and […]

What Are the Best Anaerobic Exercises?

Anaerobic exercise is a physical activity that enhance strength, power and speed. It is a short-lasting, high-intensity exercise that relies on energy sources that are stored in the muscles. These exercises improve the endurance and ability to fight fatigue; it also develops strong muscles and improves your cardio-respiratory fitness. Doing the anaerobic exercise is not for […]

Myths and Facts About Healthy Aging

Staying healthy and feeling good about yourself is an important aspect in a person’s life either you are young and able or already growing some grey hairs. Health is a primary issue when it comes to aging as most perceive. However, there are some myths and facts of aging that we need to recognize and […]