Childhood Accidents and Childproofing

When you have little ones crawling – or running – around the house, it starts up the likelihood of a range of accidents. Of course, it is anything that is difficult to bypass when you have curious babies frantic to explore the world. However, you can consider steps to avoid accidents and to prepare if something will happen.

The greatest numbers of accidents occur in the dining or living room, though the most dangerous accidents take place in the stairs and the kitchen. Each year more than 67,000 children encounter an accident in the kitchen while 43,000 of these children are aged under four.

Toddlers below the age of four years old have the largest number of accidents in the house, and boys are the ones more likely to have accidents compared to girls. Older children are more likely to support fractures than the younger matches. Younger children have a greater rate of scalds and burns as well as ingestion and poisoning accidents.

Usually, children are engaged in their immediate attention and can be inattentive to their surroundings. They only have a short attention of the environment because of their need of development or experience. They are not conscious of the consequences of the many new circumstances that they face. Plus, being small, curious and having a possibility to show off or over-reach their abilities can imply that they are more likely to place themselves in danger and so it is necessary that you make up your house for your babies safety.

Furniture is only one of the items in the house that may pose a threat to your crawling, walking or running toddlers. Just like the edges of the tables which are often sharp and rough. It is better if you use round tables with smooth edges and or better yet use corner guards to secure the edges of your tables and also to secure not just your babies from accidents but also your walls from scratches.

Childproofing your home is vital to keep your baby safe. Be prepared to childproof the bathroom, nursery, kitchen, fireplace – or any part of your house that sits a threat to your little ones. Keep your little angels safe by identifying what accidents and hazards to look out for and the baby-proofing steps you can take to secure your baby’s environment.

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