How to Choose the Right Size of Baby Blanket

Want to know how to make your baby a blanket? Here’s all that you need to remember about the best baby blanket size for all stage.

A baby blanket is usually more than simply a cover to keep your small one warm. Handcrafted blankets can be family gifts that your baby (and your grandchildren in the future) will love for ages to come. There are numerous other baby blanket how-tos prepared, so it’s simple to find one that goes best with your style and skill. Before you begin working, you should consider about how and when you would want your baby to use the blanket.

Every baby blanket size can be a help to a different purpose. And always remember, the American Academy of Paediatrics recommends that children younger than 12 months old should not sleep with a blanket inside the crib.

Blanket Materials

When creating a blanket for your baby, you should select materials that are best befitted for a child’s sensitive skin. But you should not use anything scratchy or dense. Smooth, washable materials, like natural cotton and cotton wool, will work best. Wool is an excellent, durable option, but you should avoid using it till you are certain your baby does not have the allergic reaction in this material.

Receiving Blankets

A big, large blanket just won’t serve for your tiny bunch of joy. If you have a new baby, you should have a blanket that is small and lightweight, as this provides an easy swaddling. A receiving blanket typically varies in size from small 18-inches square to larger 36-inches square. Your baby might outgrow a small receiving blanket quickly. But of course, you can still keep it for snuggling purposes!

Crib Blankets

A standard crib blanket will be in rectangular and measures around 40 inches by 60 inches. As with any baby blanket size, but the specific dimensions depends on upon the pattern that you select. This size will work best for toddlers and those babies who are way older than six months and can then quickly free themselves from the tangles. Crib blankets must be free of loose threads, yarns, buttons, and large holes that might give a safety risk for your baby.

Multi-Use Blankets

When you are traveling with your little angel, activity blankets, and stroller blankets are necessary items. A thick activity blanket can be utilized to provide a clean and cushioned surface for your baby to play. And the same blanket can be both as a stroller and or a car seat cover throughout the chillier months! A right size of a multi-use blanket is 30 inches by 40 inches, like a blanket, this dimension is big enough for play but not so big enough to cover a whole car seat or stroller.

If stitching or sewing is not your cup of tea, a cozy, no-sew fleece blanket, like the one by Innoo Tech, is a great option!

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