Essential Oils for Nausea and Motion Sickness

Nausea is an agitation of the stomach that often comes before vomiting. Vomiting is the involuntary emptying or forcible voluntary of stomach contents through the mouth.

What causes vomiting or nausea? Vomiting and nausea are not diseases. However, they are symptoms of many conditions such as food poisoning, intense pain, heart attack, ulcers, brain tumor, overeating, motion sickness or seasickness. It can also cause gallbladder disease, brain injury or concussion, bulimia or other psychological illnesses, a reaction to certain odors or smells, excessive amounts of alcohol or ingestion of toxins, gastroparesis, early stage of pregnancy, infections and emotional stress such as fear.

Motion sickness is the uncomfortable vomiting, nausea, and dizziness that people experience when their equilibrium and sense of balance is disturbed by constant motion. A constant motion such as aboard a boat or ship, riding a car, or riding on a swing is all cause stimulation of the visual stimulation and vestibular system that sometimes leads to discomfort.

Recognizing the triggers of nausea and motion sickness is helpful treating it. For instance, food poisoning and viruses might need to run its course but if you are suffering from eating some saltiness, morning sickness before rising can help to prevent nausea or motion sickness. Also, if you are experiencing the side effects of medication, medication does and experimenting with the timing of meals can likewise help. Tuning into your body and being mindful of triggers can contribute to distinguishing the causes of nausea and motion sickness.

It was being concluded that essential oils can help in treating nausea and motion sickness. Knowing the cause of nausea and motion sickness is also useful when choosing essential oils. What are the essential oils for nausea and motion sickness? Below are the following:

Peppermint Oil

According to the NCCIH, Peppermint oil is helpful in dealing with irritable bowel syndrome and indigestion. It is also ideal for nausea and motion sickness because of its numbing and calming effect. Peppermint relaxes your muscles and stomach so that bile can break down food and fats can move through the stomach quickly.


Ginger treats a various pain and digestive issues. Ginger has an active component which is gingerol, which directly affect the central nervous and digestive systems. It is excellent treatment also for nausea, specifically in pregnancy, chemotherapy, and post-operative-related nausea as well.


Lavender is the most adaptable of all essential oils. Lavender oil is most commonly known for its beneficial grade and relaxing effects on the body. It has also been highly regarded for the skin. To relieve the symptoms of nausea and motion sickness, place a droplet of lavender oil behind the ears, end of the tongue and around the navel.


The health aids of basil essential oil comprise its ability to treat diabetes, respiratory problems, indigestion constipation, motion sickness and nausea. Basil essential oil is moreover an excellent source of calcium, Vitamin A, iron, and magnesium potassium.

The above-mentioned essential oils can uplift your way of life. It has its wonderful healing properties in a variety of ways. Indeed, it is a great secret weapon to have on hand at all times!

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