Fitness Trends to Welcome this Autumn

It is given that our workout routine during summer may not be appropriate in autumn anymore. Fortunately, there are new approaches to help you recreate your motivation even on autumn.

The New You-ga!

Yoga is indeed a great fitness trend this year. Away from the common yoga routines, a London-based fitness club, GymBox is advancing the Yoga we used to know. They use ankle and wrist straps with the Vinyasa flow class sticks onto the teaching of yoga but with smooth stretches and with deep breathing, still giving an intense workout.

The Water Exercise

If you have been exercising in the gym for a long time, then surely you are feeling that boredom in doing the same routine every time you exercise. Well, not anymore with this swimming-based fitness course. Every session of this new trend will last for an hour which will help you improve your technique. It will also give you a full body workout and will increase your stamina. This course will expectedly push you to the max. Also take note that this course has a minimum requirement which is that you can at least swim a 100 meters front crawl.

Barre Class

We have known barre class to consist interval training, blending Pilates and dance but there is a new and advanced form of barre that will definitely push you to the limit. You will be expecting planks, stomach crunches, and push-ups with the use of exercise bands and weights. It is a 60-minute session which will surely leave every single of your muscle shaking and feeling the burn. So, intense indeed!

Now, you don’t have to worry about wearing off your motivation to exercise as the autumn comes. Just try these new exercise trends and you’ll surely survive this season.

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