How to Get Your Kids Organized

Isn’t it more wonderful seeing your child’s playroom with a broom and a dustpan, or colorful buckets with sorted blocks and Legos in it? Or seeing your kids toys neatly organized in a Toy Storage Organizer? Scooping, wiping, stacking, and matching is all developmental abilities you can moreover grow into a good organizing habits for a lifetime.

Generally, children have fun in doing household chores and see it just as playtime unless you make it sound like a real work. Thus, it is always the best to create an upbeat attitude and to make sure that you acknowledge your young ones when they do.

Make it exciting

Make a game out of this cleaning and organizing activity. An example is letting your children pick up as many toys as they can to put in a bucket or organizer and then setting up a timer. Your child would surely giddy-up to pick up their toys, especially if you give them a little token thereafter or just even a praise will do.

Make it FUN-tastic!

Make them feel that cleaning is fun. You should not make them feel that cleaning is actually a household chore that one has to really do. When you do this, they will feel that cleaning is playtime and playtime is a fun time.

Let them do what they like

As you play along with your child, you will surely have the idea of what kind of activity they get to enjoy much. With that, you should have an idea then of what type of organizing or cleaning task to give them. An example – if your child loves playing basketball, then he may be best in shooting their Legos onto their intended buckets for keep. 

Train them while they are young

These tips may be very simple but really it will teach your children so much as they grow older. It’s more about values and how they train their attitude and character. Not just in cleaning or organizing but of everything. It is always better to train up a child because they are still easy to control, manipulate and teach. You can do these things by progression; you can start with just one task or chores and then add in as they old.

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