Is Calisthenics Workout For Me?

Are you tired of going to the gym regularly but would still like to maintain or attain your desired body figure? Why not try the advantages of calisthenics workout routines?

Calisthenics comes from the words “kalos”- meaning beauty and “sthenos” – which means strength. It is considered as a form of art that uses body weight together with the properties of inertia in order to improve one’s physique.
The advantages of body weight calisthenics training to other forms of exercise is that it can be done anywhere at any time and you can choose different exercise types that you like. It is a workout to strengthen the body, especially athletes. It also helps in losing weight and prepare your body if go for body building in the future.

So, is calisthenics workout fits you?

Like other workout plans, calisthenics needs patience and determination. If you don’t have it, surely you can never get the results that you want. It is important to do the exercise routine plans religiously and effectively. Meaning, you have to execute every exercise accurately. Hence, it is better to do at least 5 push ups rather than do 30 improperly executed ones.

Remember that getting your desired results takes time. Start with taking a good look at your progress every day and how you execute each calisthenics workout routines to further your improvement. You can set goals to help you keep your progression. Examine your body from time to time and if you notice some weakness, integrate an exercise to strengthen it. And as you go further with your calisthenics training program, include tougher activities to level up your experience.

For beginners, there are some exercises that you can start with. These are push-ups, pull-ups, squats, dips and ab exercises. Importantly, do not forget to do stretching before and after your workout routines. For those who wanted to do calisthenics training programs for weight loss, start doing a cardio exercise accompanied with a diet. This will help you easily maintain the desired weight you want.

Again, Calisthenics workout training programs are a combination of patience, determination, goal setting, perseverance and hard work. Can you adhere to its demands? You decide.

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