Know Why and When People Should Get Rid of Nose Hair

Hairs grow on our whole body. There are times we feel that it’s hard to take care of all our hair. Just like our nose hair which becomes a problem when we get a bit aged.

For some cause, hairs would start to grow from some parts of our body like never before. Everyone has nose hair, but that hair seldom grows so it can be seen from the outside of your nostrils which is shameful and could be a sign of bad hygiene, so people shave it, so they look kept. You can do it with shears, or you can purchase a special trimmer that will do the job easily for you. It is not too tough, and you only require doing it all once in a while.

Before telling you about the health advantages of removing nose hair, you need to know why people even have hairs in their nose.

What is the purpose of nose hair?

People have hair in their nose as that is the first line of protection for any germ, dust, or fungus particles. Because we breathe air all the time, a lot of harmful particles of the air can penetrate enter into our lungs. The nose hair blocks that and works like a filter. Hairs are also able for adding mist to the air we inhale, so our respiratory system will stay healthy. The good reason why you even need to trim your nose hair should only be because they stick out from the nostrils.

Do not pluck too many or all of your hairs, just focus on those few that are sticking out of your nostrils and those that can be seen.


If you pluck all of your nose hair, you are lessening the capacity to fight off infections and viruses. The problems with respiratory infections, problems with sinuses and allergies are just a few instances of side effects. Some people encounter serious allergy symptoms when they trim their nose hair. This is entirely reasonable because your nose is not capable of blocking pollen from the air that causes allergy. Thus, trimming nose hair is not prescribed for people who have predicaments with allergies.

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