What Makes Rosehip Oil Good for Your Skin

You may not be new to YouTube tutorials which are the best way now to discovering new techniques and products, especially on makeup and beauty trends. Through YouTube, people get to have instant access to makeup techniques that only makeup artists used to have known. Just like the use of rosehip oil on make routine.

Rosehip oil as a great moisturizer is actually not a new trend. It was actually known to be the newest miracle skincare product way back in 2013, following coconut oil.

Many good reviews and testimonies have known by using rosehip oil. People started using rosehip oil like a serum after noticing its positive effect on the skin while entirely revamping the skin as they use rosehip oil as part of their skincare routine. Today, another trend is everywhere on YouTube and that mixing rosehip oil with your foundation.

But why do they use rosehip oil in particular and what is in rosehip oil that makes it good for moisturizing, cleansing and using it with everyday makeup habit?

Rosehip oil is thought to be more effective than any other herbal oils because of its smaller molecules of Vitamin A or beta-carotene. Plus, it has vital fatty acids that are greatly likely of a skin cell membrane that enables the rosehip oil to seep into the skin. It also contains high levels of vitamins C and E which are great antioxidants for reducing inflammation such as acne, lessening sun damage and healing scar tissues in order to renew the skin.

Some other YouTube tutorials also recommend using rosehip oil in as a cleansing oil to remove makeup especially if you have dry skin.

You can do this by mixing a drop or two into your favourite foundation. This will make your serum have that serum-like texture that gives an extra glow and more flawless application.

While beauty trends only stay for a while, we bet that rosehip oil may stick for a while with its proven benefits. get your rosehip oil now and start using it in your makeup routine to achieve that extra glow!

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